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Local Rules Talks

There are 4 Local Rules talks planned. If you are new to refereeing and plan to referee U08-U12 recreational games with EYSA, we strongly recommend you attend one of these talks. They last 1 to 1.5 hours. We cover a lot of information you will find very useful. Topics include:

  • The difference between USSF rules and the MOD rules EYSA uses for U08-U12 recreational games.
  • How to manage a game when you are the referee.
  • How do you get paid. When do you get paid.
  • Special EYSA Rules - Mercy Rule and No Poaching Rule
The Local Rules Talks are:
  • Aug 31 - Cancelled. Will be rescheduled in Issaquah at a later date
  • Sept 5 @ 8:30AM @ Mercer Island South Playfields before the Jamboree starts
  • Sept 9 @ 7PM @ Newport Park
  • Sept 11 @ 6PM @ Robinswood Park (grass field to the south)

Just show up at a talk. You don't need to register.

Next Matches

Our next matches will be on September 5th with the EYSA Rec Jamboree. The Jamboree schedule will be ready near the end of the Aug 24 week.

The regular fall season starts on September 12th. Most of the games are on the website now, but are not available for self-assigning. You will be notified when they will become available for self-assigning.

Are You a New Referee?

If you are new to refereeing there is a lot of information about Refereeing within EYSA if you go to Information:FAQ

If you just became a certified referee, you are probably asking "What Now?"

There is also information in the Information:Documents section.

Required Paperwork

The following paperwork must be on file in order to referee for EYSAReferees.

Everyone needs to apply for Risk Management Assessment (RMA) - no actual paperwork required, just applying online is sufficient.

Under 18 Years Old:
1) Parent/School Form signed by Referee, Parent and School
2) Proof of Age (e.g. copy of birth certificate or Visa)

These forms can be found under Services:Paperwork.

These forms can be uploaded to the website under Services:Paperwork:Upload. Or they can be mail to us at:

EYSA Referees
6401 82nd Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040

To check the status of your paperwork and your certification go to Referee:Status.