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Congratulations on becoming a certified referee. The big question is "Now What?"! Here are some documents that will tell you what to do now that you have your USSF referee certification.
  • New Referee Information. This is a guide provided by the State Referee Committee. It's generic but full of useful information about how refereeing works. (This can also be found by logging onto and clicking the "Information for New Referees".)
  • New Certified Referee Guide 2018. This is a more specific guide to refereeing in the EYSA area. It talks about the forms you need to fill out and how to sign up with the Eastside referee services - and It also covers using the websites to sign up for games and getting paid. And about what equipment you need and where you can get it. Please read all the way through this document if you plan to referee for EYSA.
  • EYSA Handbook. This is the modified rules for ref'ing U08-U12 recreational games within EYSA. Please read this if you are going to referee the U08-U12 rec games for EYSA. There is a lot of important information in it. The EYSA Referee Coordinators for each club are listed page 29. These are the people who know about referees at your local club.
  • EYSA Referee Reference Card. Print this out and carry it with you to your games. It's a quick reference guide on the rule changes between U08 - U12 recreational games within EYSA. I carry this with me to every game.

There is a ton of information about refereeing for EYSA in the FAQ Section of the website-> For those of you who sign up with,-> there are "Local Rules" talks being scheduled for late August. Please try to attend one of them. We will talk about the U08-U12 local rules, how to manage a game, how to get paid and other questions referees have. These will be scheduled for late August around EYSA. I'll send out mail once we schedule them. Or check the> webpage for dates and times. Please, if you have any questions, contact your club's Referee Coordinator->

Last Updated August 2, 2020