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The fall rec season is cancelled. We may have games in the spring of 2021.

Required Paperwork

The following paperwork must be on file in order to referee for EYSAReferees. Under 18 Years Old: 1) Proof of Age (e.g. copy of birth certificate or passport). This can be uploaded to the website under Services:Paperwork:Upload. Or it can be mail to us at: EYSA Referees 6401 82nd Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040 Everyone: 1) Fill out Direct Deposit information To check the status of your paperwork and your certification go to Referee:Status.

Are You a New Referee?

If you are new to refereeing there is a lot of information about Refereeing within EYSA if you go to Information:FAQ If you just became a certified referee, you are probably asking "What Now"? There is also information in the Information:Documents section.

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