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Recertification for 2018Printable

If your certification expires at the end of 2017, you will need to recertify by June 15, 2018 in order to referee in 2018. It is recommended that you recertify before Dec 31, 2017 because:
  • It allows you to referee throughout 2018
  • There are limited opportunities to recertify between Jan 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018
If you were first certified after July 1, 2017, you are already certified for 2018.

To check your certification expiration year go to Services: Profile: Biography. On the USSF line you will find:
  • Your USSF ID (16 digits)
  • Your USSF grade
  • The year your USSF certification is good through (expiration year)
  • The year you first received a USSF certification
Here is a detailed walk-through of How to Recertify-> on the website.

Recertification Clinics
You can find recertification clinics by logging onto the> website. Based on your current certification, the website will present you with the appropriate clinics.

Grade 8 referees will need to attend a Recertification clinic plus complete a set of Grade 8 Online Lessons.

Recertification clinics start after Aug 1. Here are the opportunities within EYSA to get your Recertification clinic time. There are a number of other clinics in our area as well. You will need to sign up with the clinics you want to attend on> website.

TBDTBDTBD2 hoursIssaquah Fire & Rescue HQ

Plan now for recertification because as time passes and the number of clinics available get smaller, the number of referees signing up will get larger.

For more information about Recertification see the FAQ topic Recertification Explained.

Last Updated June 8, 2017