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The biggest point of confusion about Ref-in-Pool: Two Different Referee Organizations!

EKCSRA (East King County Soccer Referee Association)

  • Provides referee to premier, select, adult and U13+ rec games (usually a CR and 2 ARs)
  • Primarily adult referees (although a fair number of youth referees for younger aged games)
  • Center referees are usually experienced
  • Assistant Referees will be experienced for older aged games
  • Requires a Ref-in-Pool from every team that uses their services
  • Referee self-assign games through

EYSA Referees (Eastside Youth Soccer Association Referees)

  • Has nothing to do with Ref-in-Pool
  • Provides referees to U08-U12 recreational games (usually only CRs)
  • Primarily youth referees
  • A good training ground for new referees
  • Managed by local EYSA club (Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Hills, Mercer Island, Newport)
  • Referees self-assign games through

The second biggest point of confusion is the Ref-in-Pool is NOT required to be a Center Referee. A Ref-in-Pool can be an Assistant Referee for all their matches. When people consider signing up to be the Ref-in-Pool they worry about how can they step in and be a Center Referee (CR). It's an intimidating role. What they don't understand is that most referees start as Assistant Referees (ARs or linesmen). This is a lot less intimidating and is a great place to learn to be a referee. Center Referees usually have more experience and are quite willing to help new referees learn how to be good ARs and how to become CRs. The 3 referees are a team. They support each other and teach each other during a match.

Last Updated Aug 3, 2020