EYSA Referees



Matches with Different ScoresPrintable

Two coaches have recorded game scores and they don't match. So look up the referee's score and use it. (If the referee's score matches one of the coaches, then it's the right score. If all 3 don't match, then we want to use the referee's because the referee should be recording each score where the coaches get distracted.)
  • Remember/write down the Match #
  • Go to Administrator: Manage: Accounting
  • Set the "Match Number"
  • Set the "Status" to "All"
  • Click "Show"
  • Click on the number in the "Key" column
  • Remember/write down the referee's game score
  • Click on "Administrator"
  • Go to the list of mismatched scores
  • Click the Match Number
  • Edit the scores that don't match the referee's
  • Click "Update"
We don't get scores from referees for U11 and U12 games played in SnVSYA. The referees report scores to SnVSYA, not us. Contact Char Yotz ( to get scores from referees in SnVSYA. SnVSYA usually only cover 50% of their games so there are a lot of games without scores from referees.