EYSA Referees



Updating Registrations Before the Spring SeasonPrintable

Before the Spring Season starts, we need go get all the referees who have recertified for this year updated so their registrations show the correct year. Ridgestar has implemented a button to do this, but it needs to be used correctly or data will be lost. Go to Administrator: Manage: Users (or click "Users" at the top of the page) Set "Roles" to "Referee" Set "Year" to last year (e.g. in the spring of 2017, set year to 2016) Set "Show" to "250" Click "Show" to make sure you have all of last year's referees Click the Washington State icon next to "Show" This will create a bunch of messages on the screen as it scrolls through each referee and updates their certification. It used to trash the "Year" of those that hadn't recertified, but Ridgestar fixed that problem.