EYSA Referees



Setting up a LeaguePrintable

There are a number of pieces that need to go into place to set up a League (e.g. ISC Parks & Rec Spring League).
  1. Rules
    1. Acquire New Rules
      1. Contact club and ask for list of rules for each age in the league
      2. Review the rules and make sure they make sense. You can usually use last year's rules for guidance since you reviewed them last year and approved them. If you have problems with the rules, get clarification from the club.
    2. Remove Old Rules from Website
      1. Go to Administrator: Files: Listings
      2. Set document location to "www\\documents" (this should be the default setting)
      3. Click on Garbage Can icon to delete a document
    3. Add New Rules to Website
      1. File naming conventions
        1. File names should begin with a word/abbreviation that will group it with related documents since documents are sorted by name. Don't begin with the year as most documents will have the same year.
        2. File names should contain a year so people can easily identify the year the document applies to.
      2. Go to Administrator: Files: Upload
      3. Set "Folder" to "www\\documents"
      4. Click "Choose File" and select the file you want to upload
      5. Click on "Upload File"
  2. Check for Changes in Durations
    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Durations
    2. Review the duration of the matches and the amount of team before and after the matches to make sure they are correct. This will affect when warnings will be given for games overlapping and for referees being able to sign up for consecutive games. It also sets the amount of time calculated for L&I taxes
  3. Check for Changes in Fees
    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Fees
    2. Review the fees for the various levels of matches
  4. Check for Changes in Methods (i.e. Center and ARs)
    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Methods
    2. Review the positions to open for each game (Ref, AR1, AR2, 4th, Mtr) by default
  5. Check for Changes in Patterns (How many games per day, week, month per Referee; age of Referees)
    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Patterns
    2. Review how many games per day, week, month a referee can sign up for
  6. Check for Changes in Ranks (How much experience for each type/level of game)
    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Ranks
    2. Review the rankings for games. This rarely changes.
  7. Date(s) & Time(s) Matches Will be Posted for Referees to Sign Up

    We usually release the first 2 weeks of fall games on one date and then open each remaining week one at a time. The first release date is driven by when the games are ready. We'd like to open them 16 or more days before the regular season but the schedules are sometimes not available. The 3rd week is usually opened on the Thursday 16 days before the 3rd weekend. The 4th week is opened on the Thursday 16 days before the 4th weekend.

    The format of the "Released" setting is a list of overlapping date/times: "StartDate StartTime=>EndDate EndTime,". The StartDate is the date the set of games will be opened. The StartTime, the time on that date to open them. The EndDate/EndTime pair specify end of the range of games to open.

    Don't forget that the Jamboree will need to be added to the start of this list and opened separately.

    See the example in the comments within "Released".

    1. Go to Administrator: Options: Settings
    2. Choose "Released"
    3. Set the StartDate/StartTime and EndDate/EndTime pairs for the season
    4. Click "Update"
    5. Go to Administrator: Options: Setting and click the Refresh icon to make the changes take effect immediately
  8. Season Date Range for Standings
    • If the league needs to keep track of Standings (currently this is only the fall season), go to Administrator:Options:Settings:Standings" and set the date range. Also set the level that can be viewed in "Information=>Standings". This is U11 and above for our fall league.
    • If you change and data in Administrator:Options:Settings be sure to click the "Refresh" icon at the top of the Settings table or your changes won't take effect until you log off and log back on.
  9. Load the Matches