EYSA Referees



Review Mercy RulePrintable

At least once a week during the season, assignors should review whether teams are following the Mercy Rule and whether referees are reporting the Mercy Rule. Remember the Mercy Rule only applies to U08-U12 recreational games within EYSA.

  • Go to Assignor: Manage: Accounting
  • Set "Club" to your club
  • Set "Status" to "All"
  • Set "Period" to "All"
  • Set "GD" (i.e. Game Differential) to ">=5"
  • Set the number of games you want to see
  • Click "Show"

When the Game Differential (i.e. GD) is greater than or equal to 5, there should be "Applied properly" showing in the "Mercy" column. If it says "n/a", the referee forgot to note whether the Mercy Rule was applied properly. If it says "NOT Applied properly", you should review the game report to see why it wasn't. If it says "Applied properly" then everyone did what they were supposed to relative to adding and removing players from the field.

You should also monitor teams who continually have Game Differentials greater than 10. These teams are probably following the Mercy Rule for adding and removing players, but are doing little to keep the scoring under control, which is the whole point of the Mercy Rule.