EYSA Referees



Review Game ReportsPrintable

At least once a week during the season, assignors should review game reports. Assignors must review those with a status of "Review".

  • Go to Assignor: Manage: Accounting
  • Set the "Date" to start with the start of the season
  • Set "Club" to your club
  • Set "Status" to "Review"
  • Set "Period" to "All"
  • Set the number of games you want to see
  • Click "Show"
  • Go through all the game reports that show up by clicking on the "Key" associated with them
  • Once you are with the report, set the "Status" to "Pending". This means you've reviewed the game report and it is ready to be paid
You may also want to review games with a status of "Pending" so you can get a feel for how different referees fill out their game reports.