EYSA Referees




, the following Ranking entries have been established for you, as a Referee within EYSA Referees. If you think your rankings are incorrect or could use a review, please read this page entirely (including how to go about requesting a change of Ranking).

Here's the rankings:

Your Rankings
The Ranking Matrix
We have created a Ranking Matrix in an effort to provide a visual that show how we relate the numerical value of your ranking to the level of games we service


Requesting a Ranking upgrade

You can help us set the proper Ranking for you by providing the following information (as a minimum)

  • the number of Years and Assignments you have completed (if any)
  • your comfort level for SelfAssign (U10 and below, etc.)
  • the identities (names) of other Referees you have worked with (if any)
  • whatever else you think will help us assign you a Ranking that will help you grow without exposing you to Assignments that are beyond to capability level

How to generate the Request

Compose us an Mailmail message with all the above information. You WILL need to be logged on to create Mail.