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How to accomplish key Forums activitiesPrintable

How do I change a Post I made?
Locate the Post in the Topic and you should see a small Edit symbol edit at the right side of the Post header. Click it to edit the Post.
How do I delete a Post?
Short answer is you cannot. If we permit that, it's entirely possible that someone coming along later will read the Post prior to yours and the one after and, missing your Post, the "discussion" will make no sense.

Of course, if there's something horribly wrong or whatever with what you Posted, you can change it, but please do your best to retain the spirit and phrasing that your original Post had in it. can always contact the Forums Moderator (the Webmaster)

When will a Topic and/or Forum disappear?
Only when the Webmaster takes a manual action and deletes the entire Topic and/or Forum.
How do I request a new Forum be created?
Click to Forums:~Add~Forum (if available), complete the Form and click Add Forum. If you create a Forum you didn't mean to (etc.), send a message to the Webmaster or post a request in The Lobby.

Updated: January 2011