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General information about the use of the ForumsPrintable

The Forums are intended to be a public posting area for Users to present questions, information, issues, and thoughts for other Users of EYSA Referees to respond to. Remember, anything that you post is deemed public and will~be visible to all other Forum visitors.


Think of the Forums as a public "Bulletin Board", with all of a Bulletin Board's advantages (as well as it's disadvantages). As an example, it is possible for a Referee to pose a hypothetical situation requesting feedback on interpretation of the Laws~of~the~Game (that would be an advantage). It is also possible for an individual to anonymously post incorrect information (e.g. "a lie") that may be interpreted inappropriately by another Visitor to the site (that is a clear disadvantage).

The key is for you (the Site visitor) to understand that the Forums can be a source of good information, but also has potential to be a source of questionable information. It all depends upon the source of the information you are looking at (EYSA Referees does NOT monitor or guarantee the information you find in the Forums is correct).


To understand the Forums, you'll need to understand a couple of terms (in addition to those mentioned in Information:~Website-Terminology and throughout the Site) and what they mean in the context of the Forums, as follows:

Identifies a collection of Topics related to a single, general Subject. Each Forum can contain several Topics, each of which can contain several Posts.
Assigns a grouping of Posts associated with a single, distinct subject within the Forum. Normally, any Forum user can create a new Topic, but any Topic you create is subject to deletion by an Administrator if it is deemed inappropriate.
A comment, thought, reaction, or reply you have. Each Post is related to a Subject which is, in turn, related to a specific Forum. All Posts are date/time stamped and displayed to visiting Users in the order in which they arrive.

Updated: January 2011