EYSA Referees




When thunder is heard, all games, practices and warm-ups will be halted. Games, practices and warm-ups can not resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard. This means that most games will need to be rescheduled/cancelled. We generally book our fields so resuming a game, unless it's the last game of the day, will cause problems with all the other games of the day. Safety is very important when thunder is heard. Everyone should get to a safe place. Substantial buildings provide the best protection. Once inside, stay away from any wiring or plumbing. Avoid sheds, small or open shelters, dugouts, bleachers, or grandstands. If a sturdy building is not nearby, a hard-topped metal vehicle with the windows closed will offer good protection.

For more information see National Weather Service website.

Last Updated August 3, 2020