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The Referee-in-Pool requirements are:

  1. Each team needs at least one Ref-in-Pool signed up with EKCSRA.
  2. Ref-In-Pools must be a Grassroots certified referee.
  3. Ref-in-Pool must be 16 years or older.
  4. A team may have more than one Ref-in-Pool.
  5. The Ref-in-Pool(s) for a team must officiate a total of at least 10 games as either an Assistant Referee (AR) or Center Referee (CR) during the fall season (Sept-Dec).
  6. If a Ref-in-Pool signs up to support more than one team, the number of games they officiate will be divided evenly between the teams.
  7. The referee must have a close family member on the team if the referee is a "paying member" of EKCSRA. A "paying member" is a referee who pays EKCSRA annually (about $25) to get access to games before non-paying members do. Otherwise, the referee doesn't have to have a close family member on the team.

Referee Certification Clinics will be held this summer throughout EYSA. Click here for clinic dates.

For more about becoming a referee see Becoming a Referee.

Last Updated August 3, 2020